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Welcome to 'Be Heard'. 

Wellbeing is our priority. This is a confidential space for you to be heard and engage in discussion regarding solutions or moving forward. Should you have a complaint or matter related to discrimination, abuse or harrassment please also direct your communication to Member Protection.

  • Who will I be talking too?
    When you contact Be Heard, you’ll be linked with an independent expert from Swimming New Zealand, someone who is experienced in receiving, assessing and dealing with confidential and sensitive reports. They can help you with the most appropriate support for your needs. There are no obligations to continue if this isn’t what you’re looking for or need. Reach out, then work out if this is right for you.
  • Everyone has their own unique reasons - and these are all valid.
    Don't feel alone. We acknowledge the courage it can take to reach out and share your feelings whether it is past, present or future thoughts. Nothing is too small or too big to be brought forward. You will be heard.
  • Who can be heard?
    Be Heard is for people who feel they: Need to chat about wellbeing at any level Simply don't have someone to talk it through with Haven’t been treated well in sport Haven’t been listened to before Have spoken before, but were dismissed or ignored Are unhappy or frustrated by a lack of action Are concerned that improper practices may still be occurring

Athlete Submission

Thank you for the time taken to submit to 'Be Heard'. Your message will be responded to within two working days.


Looking for more help?

Outside the lanes was developed by Aquatics New Zealand to help support our athletes, parents and coaches journey. Providing a holistic approach to wellbeing outside the lanes.

Outside the Lanes

Outside the Lanes

Diving into the Depths with  Cameron Leslie

Positive social interactions, quality education, decent work, safe environments, community cohesion, active lives among others.

Introduction to Mental Health

While being active provides many health benefits, gender differences and biological factors must be considered when it comes to women’s health in sport.

Women's Health

Appropriate nutrition is essential for both performance and long term health. Inadequate nutrition can lead to fatigue, weakness, and injury.

Nutrition Basics

Caitlin Deans opens up on her life balancing University, swimming and her goals in both.

Coming Soon

Diving into the Depths with  Caitlin Deans

Do you have a clear understanding of how much a growth mindset can change the direction you may be heading, enhance your motivation or provide stability to emotions in the face of perceived failure.

Fixed vs Growth mindset

LEA can result from restrictive diets, over-exercising, weight loss efforts or a combination of these factors. Female athletes may be at a higher risk for LEA, which can result in menstrual irregularities, decreased bone density and an increased risk of osteoporosis.

Low Energy Availability

The right connection can equal feeling comfortable to collaborate, communicate, contribute and feel like a part of the conversation.

Why Connection Matters

While we may try to hide our true feelings, remember others may also be having a hard time and need someone to be there for them.

Practicing Empathy

Carter Swift shares his nutrition day in the life

Daily Nutrition with Carter Swift

We all push ourselves beyond the limits of reason at times without questioning what this action may be doing to our bodies, minds and futures.

Burnout - To leave or stay

What does well-being mean? Firstly, we need to acknowledge that it means different things to different people in different settings.

Well-being Journey Introduction

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