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Burnout – To leave or stay

Well-being Journey -

Burnout is a very real and unfortunately all too common topic these days. We all push ourselves beyond the limits of reason at times without questioning what this action may be doing to our bodies, minds and futures. Demanding schedules that can be unrelenting with little consideration for wellbeing can cause over training and ultimately burnout.

It is so important as an athlete to have a positive, healthy and open relationship with coaches, parents and mentors to avoid a culture of fear, isolation and/or avoidance that may cultivate reduced motivation, anxiety and depression. A starting point may be to discuss where your chosen sport fits into your life, what your goals are and where your involvement in the sport may lead.

Are you at risk of burnout? Do you have a burning passion?

I tend to crash and burn

​[How’s your energy]

My energy stays pretty high

What I do

[What determines your worth?]

Who I am

Negative, self critical

[What is your self image?]

Positive, I have flaws but who cares

I have to get this done

[What is your self talk like?]

I want to get this done

I have to work all the time

[Can you stop working?]

I know when to take breaks

A never ending fire to fight

[What does work feel like to you?]

A flowing river that carries me along

So, what can I do to prevent burnout? As stated above, have the conversations about how this fits into your life, who you are and what this part of your life means to you now and for the future. Take steps to provide balance: set boundaries, manage your time, prioritise wellbeing, seek support, talk, focus on meaningful and authentic engagement, take breaks and vary up the exercise.

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