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Nutrition Basics

Well-being Journey

Appropriate nutrition is essential for both performance and long term health. Inadequate nutrition can lead to fatigue, weakness, and injury. For those of you with teenagers in the house, we know that no one wants to deal with a tired hangry student, let alone one that is active and sporty.

Adolescence is a crucial period for growth and development, making it an essential time to prioritise healthy eating habits. Proper nutrition during this stage can ensure that young athletes meet their nutritional needs and support healthy physical and cognitive development, Additionally, promoting a healthy relationship with food can help prevent the development of disordered eating habits and reduce the risk of developing chronic health conditions later in life.

  • Do you think about what you put into your body and how it may affect your wellbeing/performance?

  • Are you organized with a snack before/after training before/after a long day at school?

  • Have you noticed the effects different foods have on your mood?

Dive a little deeper into a fact sheet on ‘Nutrition for the Adolescent Athlete’ -

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