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Why Connection Matters

Well-being Journey

The right connection can equal feeling comfortable to collaborate, communicate, contribute and feel like a part of the conversation. Connecting is hard work and sometimes it takes several setbacks to find that right person but they are worth their weight in gold. Having someone to bounce ideas off, share challenging times, open up to, be creative with and plan ahead with makes life easier.

  • Who is your go to person?

  • What qualities are you looking for in that person?

  • How might you be a better ‘go to’ for someone else?

Connecting requires work – time, patience, respect, boundaries, authenticity. Connecting brings gratitude, fun, sharing, belonging and purpose. Be bold with those you may be struggling to connect with and find commonalities, initiate the conversation, try various approaches and ways of communicating, be open and available, smile and be honest. Sometimes all it takes is eye contact and a smile to break the ice.

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