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Women's Health

Well-being Journey

While being active provides many health benefits, gender differences and biological factors must be considered when it comes to women’s health in sport. Studies have shown that female athletes face unique challenges related to their reproductive health, such as menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause, which can affect their performance and overall health. Differences in anatomy and hormone levels can also place females at a higher risk of developing certain injuries.

Sometimes it is a seemingly tiny adjustment of clothing that may provide more support or comfort, prevent long term damage, or increase the enjoyment of training or competing. We don’t shy away from topics in this hub so feel free to click on the following link for further information on breast support:

  • Are you comfortable and supported in your sporting apparel?

  • Do you regularly think about what it means to be a sporting female role model?

  • Have you spoken to other active women about women and girls health and wellbeing?

It is essential to prioritise the health of female athletes to ensure they can continue to enjoy the benefits of sport without compromising their wellbeing. This can be achieved through education on proper nutrition, training and rest. Promoting safe and healthy participation can empower women and girls to pursue their athletic goals while prioritising their physical and mental wellbeing.

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