Together for the Love of Aquatics

We lead, develop and strengthen all aquatic sports in New Zealand. Since commencing our collaboration in 2022, we have been committed to fostering a culture of excellence in aquatics sports, including Swimming, Diving, Artistic Swimming, and Water Polo.

Collective Effort



Providing more opportunities than ever for our community to compete and participate. Our events play a critical role in athlete development, from beginners to world-class competitors.


Collective Members

Together, we work to develop and implement programs and initiatives that promote the growth and success of aquatics sports in New Zealand. From grassroots initiatives that introduce new athletes to the sport, to high-performance programs that support elite athletes on the world stage, we are committed to fostering a culture of excellence in all that we do.



We are proud to serve as a collective national body for our sports, providing oversight, support, and guidance to athletes, coaches, and teams across the country.

A project by New Zealand's Aquatics Collective sporting organisations